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My Expat Timeline

Whether you’re new here or you’ve been following along for years, it can be hard to keep track of where I’ve been and where I am now! You can read all the posts that are relevant to my expat life here, or check the highlights below.

Here’s a timeline with helpful relevant posts for each place I’ve lived in along the way:

The Early Days: USA, Spain, Ecuador

I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. After leaving for college in Virginia, I then lived in Spain, Ecuador, and Washington DC before leaving the US altogether in 2012.

Here are some highlights from my time in Ecuador:

A Lifelong Love Affair with Ecuador

Beaches and Jungle in Ecuador

Visit These 7 Mountain Towns in Ecuador

Mountains of Ecuador

Roatan, Honduras: 2012-2015

I became an accidental expat in Roatan in 2012 when I met a guy on a beach. There’s plenty to that story, which you can watch on House Hunters International! While living there, I worked as a waitress, I managed a dive shop, and I launched my freelance writing career.

West Bay Beach Roatan

Here are some helpful Roatan expat and travel articles:

How to Move to Roatan: Finding Housing

How to Move to Roatan: Working in Roatan

How to Move to Roatan: Families with Children

How to Move to Roatan: Safety Concerns

How to Move to Roatan: Legal Issues

Best Beachfront Resorts in Roatan

Best Dive Sites in Roatan

Mangrove Bight Roatan

Scotland: 2015-2017

We moved to Scotland, got married in Edinburgh, I became a UK resident, and we had a terrible personal loss. I loved living in Edinburgh, a city filled with history, charm, and amazing festivals!

Edinburgh wedding Amanda Walkins and Jonathan Clarkin Carolyn Henry Photography

Here are some helpful Scotland expat and travel articles:

An American Expat in Scotland

US Citizen Married in Scotland

How Can a US Citizen Get UK Residency Through Marriage

I Speak American, You Speak Scottish

The Real Mary King’s Close Tour in Edinburgh

The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry

Hogmanay in Edinburgh Info and Advice

Rabbie’s Edinburgh City Tour

Rabbie’s Tour of St Andrews and Fife

Edinburgh Castle

Ireland: 2017

We moved to Ireland for a long-term housesit so we could settle in and see if staying in the country was the right idea for us. I absolutely encourage you to explore long-term housesitting options for checking out a potential new expat home before you take the leap.

We learned that Ireland was not a good move for us, which was good to know before signing a lease or making any big investments!

Housesitting in Ireland with TrustedHousesitters

View of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Malta: 2017

From Ireland, we moved to the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. We knew very little about it, except that it boasted 300 days a year of sunshine! We had a fabulous experience in Malta, short-lived though it might have been.

Valletta Malta city view

Here are some highlights from our expat and travel adventures in Malta:

And Then We Moved to Malta

A Quick Visit to the Three Cities of Malta

Free Walking Tour of Valletta

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary in Malta

Day Trip to the Island of Gozo

Best Expat Destinations: Roatan vs Malta

Amanda Walkins expat in Malta

Boston, MA, USA: 2017-2018

We left Malta for the US mostly due to timing. Find out why and what our initial thoughts were upon arriving.

Expat Update: We’re on the Move Again!

Arrivals and Plans: Our Repat Journey

Boston skyline at night

Edinburgh area: 2018

We returned for lots of housesitting, starting in and around Edinburgh in early 2018:

Housesitting in Edinburgh with TrustedHousesitters

Edinburgh castle and statue in Princes Street Gardens

London: 2018

From Edinburgh, we headed south for over two months of summertime housesitting in the London area. We spent time with dogs and cats in areas of the city we’d never before explored and we absolutely loved it:

Housesitting in London with TrustedHousesitters

Big Ben construction in London

Asturias, Spain: 2018

From London, we flew to Spain. Spain is where I started my overseas adventure while living in Bilbao back in 2007.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain

This time, we lived on a small farm in Asturias for a long-term housesitting gig. It was magical! Read all about it – and enjoy tons of goat and other animal photos!

Longterm Housesitting in Spain: Our 3 Months in Asturias

Arriondas, Asturias, Spain

Scotland: 2018 – 2022

We moved back to Scotland and then the world turned upside down. It’s been a strange and challenging few years that have forever changed all of us.

Sometimes, all we can do is look to the horizon for the new dawn and embrace whatever it brings.

Here’s to the next step…