Global House and Pet Sitting Conference

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“What is a house and pet sitting conference? Do you just share photos of dogs and cats all day?” That’s the legitimate question sequence I got from a friend when I mentioned my upcoming travel plans.

My response? “OMG I hope so!!”

The inaugural House & Pet Sitting Conference will be held this September in England, and I am honored to say I’m a speaker!

Read first to learn more: How Does House Sitting Work?

And, sure, there will be lots of chatting about dogs and cats and all the other fun animals involved in pet sitting.

But, more broadly, this conference offers newbies and veterans alike the opportunity to network, to share ideas and stories, and to learn together.

About the House and Pet Sitting Conference

The House and Pet Sitting Conference will be held in Swindon, England, this September (2019). The goal is to have annual conferences on different continents each year, which is ideal for such a travel-loving group!

This first conference is the brain-child of two pairs of full-time house and pet sitters: Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher (who also publish House Sitting Magazine) and Tim and Louise Reed of House Sitting World.

Their vast experience is helpful for any sitter or homeowner – regardless of how long you’ve been into housesitting!

The conference isn’t just for newbies who know nothing about house and pet sitting, however. On the contrary, I’m very much looking forward to connecting with fellow long-term sitters as well as industry professionals. I’ve been using TrustedHousesitters for 3 years now, but I know there is always more to learn!

The organizers aim to teach attendees all of the following:

  • How to get started professionally with your profile, references, and applications
  • How to avoid the failures – but achieve the successes – that seasoned nomads have experienced
  • What’s new and what works on various house sitting platforms
  • What the best, most effective resources are to maintain your house sitting success
  • The many ways to earn a remote income to continue funding your travels

Sounds like a lot of very valuable information for just a weekend conference!

Speakers at the House & Pet Sitting Conference

Oh, hey, look who’s speaking at the House and Pet Sitting Conference this year!

Yep, I’ll be sharing some insights on making anywhere home. We’ve bounced around quite a bit in recent years, so I have plenty to share!

In addition to moving to several different countries for varying periods of time, we also spent the majority of 2018 house and pet sitting full-time.

Having done house/pet sits in France, Ireland, Scotland, England, the US, and Spain, I love this way of traveling and meeting new people.

And I love to share my adoration with anyone who will listen! Thanks, readers 😉

Other speakers this year offer a wide range of experiences from around the world. There are full-time house and pet sitters who have done this for years – not paying for any accommodation or bills the whole time!

There are some who keep a home while traveling, others who work online from anywhere, and some who retired and set out to see the world!

Housesitting and petsitting is actually a fabulous way to enjoy your retirement. Snuggling furbabies while exploring different countries? Yes, please!

You can read about all the other speakers right here. And, please, if you are at the conference and see me, come say hi!

What’s Included at the House & Petsitting Conference?

The goal of the House & Pet Sitting Conference is to provide all attendees with the tools and resources needed to get started with house sitting or to build upon its possibilities.

A ticket to this year’s House and Petsitting Conference includes all of the following fun, food, and education:

  • Access to all sessions over the full 2 days of the conference
  • Plenty of Q&A time so you can get your questions answered
  • Networking time to chat with long-time house sitters, homeowners who use house sitting, as well as some of the big industry brand reps
  • Coffee and tea on both conference days (more caffeine, please!)
  • Lunch on both conference days
  • An awesome swag bag
  • Special discounts and the potential to win giveaways!

Not included in the ticket price is the optional evening event. You can decide whether or not to attend. Having been to many conferences, I know sometimes you just need a few minutes to relax and process all the information!

But, I’m also the type who never likes to miss out on the fun…so I’ll probably be there.

While you can access all sorts of information about housesitting online (like this whole section), chatting with other interested folks face-to-face will inevitably open up so many more doors. Whether you’ve been housesitting for a few years or you’re just getting started, the contacts you’ll make at this conference are sure to help you take your next step.

I know I’ll be inspired by the many adventures and opportunities that will be shared in that one weekend!

More About the Conference Sponsors

House &  Pet Sitting Conference 2019 sponsors list

As I mentioned, House Sitting Magazine and House Sitting World are the two brands running this fabulous event.

The House & Pet Sitting Conference is also being sponsored by some of the big industry brands. TrustedHousesitters and HouseSitMatch have both sponsored the event as partners.

HouseCarers and Nomador are sponsoring networking coffee breaks, so I obviously love them!

balancing walking three dogs on leash

Just the Basics, Please!

What: House & Pet Sitting Conference

Where: Swindon, England (UK)

When: September 21 – 22, 2019


When you buy your ticket, make sure you mention my name in the “Where did you hear about the conference?” box!

Tickets are on sale now at a reduced rate!

As of July 21st, all tickets will be full price, so go grab yours while the sale is still on!

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