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Two-Together Railcard in the UK

Learn about the Two Together railcard to enjoy scenic rail journeys in the UK

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The Two-Together Railcard is a great way to save money on your train travels in the UK. While you have to pay to get the card, you can generally save if you take more than one rail journey.

If you’re planning to travel by train while visiting or residing in the UK, you should seriously consider the various railcard options available to you. Students, those under the age of 25, those over the age of 60, families, and those with disabilities are all entitled to savings.

If you’re traveling with the same person all the time, the Two-Together Railcard is your best bet for cheaper travel throughout Scotland and England.

About the Two-Together Railcard

The Two-Together Railcard allows two travelers to save 1/3 on each combined train ticket purchase. This means, for example, on a roundtrip journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow, we can save around £9. For a roundtrip journey between London and Edinburgh, we can often save over £80. Those savings add up big time!

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The catch with the Two-Together Railcard is obvious: you must travel together. The discount is only valid when your railcard is presented with your tickets and receipt, and with both of you present.

The cost of the Two-Together Railcard is £30 for a year – that’s standard for most railcards, with the option for a three-year card offered at a discount for some as well.

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Tourists Using the Two-Together Railcard

Even if you are simply visiting the UK and plan to take a few train journeys, the cost of the card can be reimbursed and then some! Here are a few examples to consider:

If you take a 10-day vacation to London, you should get out of the city as well. Take day trips to places like Cambridge, Brighton, and Bletchley Park for further explorations. The Two-Together Railcard can save you over £42 on those three day trips alone. Accounting for the cost of the card, you still save enough for two pints at the local pub! If you order your Two-Together Railcard online prior to your arrival, you may even be able to use it from the airport (I’m looking at you, Stansted!).

If you fly into London and intend to train up to Edinburgh and venture around, you can save even more. With your Two-Together Railcard, you could save more than £30 – including the cost of the card. Let’s break that down to estimate the following:

  • about £40 on the train from London to Edinburgh
  • another £9 on your day trip to Glasgow (must-do for art and music)
  • another £6 on your day trip to Stirling (yes, Braveheart)
  • another £8 on your day trip to the Scottish Borders (home of Sir Walter Scott)
  • another £4 on your day trip to North Berwick (picturesque coastal town? Done deal!).

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Not that I’m telling you to do those day trips or anything (you absolutely should). Total savings on that itinerary: somewhere around £37 after the cost of the card. Not too shabby!

How to Use the Two-Together Railcard

As a frequent user of the Two-Together Railcard in Scotland, I can vouch for the fact that my card is rarely actually inspected. Of course, we always make sure to have it with us and we would never abuse the system.

I’ve been told that in England the card is nearly always asked for as proof for the discount, but even on our trips to London we have yet to be asked for the card.

According to the website, you must purchase tickets in advance, you are restricted to tickets after 9:30am, and you must have the card on you and signed by both travelers.

We’ve never signed ours (we just keep forgetting!). We often buy tickets at the station just before jumping on a train (spontaneity or poor planning, your choice). You can also get the discount when purchasing onboard the train.

Again, I’ve been told by other travelers that the rules are followed much more rigidly in England.

Whether you are purchasing tickets at a kiosk at a station or online, you’ll have the option to add a railcard to your purchase. Select the Two-Together card and it will automatically apply the discount of 1/3 off of your total.

If you’re purchasing online in advance, I recommend using the Trainline website for easy planning. But the ScotRail website does not charge extra ticketing fees.

Quick Facts About the Two-Together Railcard

  • You do not have to be a UK resident to apply for a railcard. Travelers and visitors can all apply as long as they meet the specific conditions of the appropriate card.
  • The Two-Together Railcard costs £30 for a single year.
  • Railcards are often offered at a discount, so check the Railcard.co.uk website regularly if you know you want to buy one.
  • Railcards can also get you discounts on other offers! Take a look at the other options our Two-Together Railcard provides.
  • Photos are required for the Two-Together Railcard application. They don’t have to be the creepy passport-style ones where you can’t smile. You just need one photo each that offers a clear view of your smiling face. Of course you’re smiling, you’re traveling!

Need more info? Take a look at the FAQs page for the Two-Together Railcard.

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