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Island Life is for the Directionally-Challenged

I posted this piece on Women Who Live on Rocks last year, and it recently popped up again to make me smile. Island life is full of quirks, giving road directions is merely one tiny example of the fun you can have trying to make sense of living on a small rock in the sea.

Island life is for the directionally-challenged, partly because you can’t get too lost on an island…you eventually hit water in every direction! But also partly because directions are given in a fabulously creative way, so it just might work better for you than the traditional road signs and exit numbers.

Have a read through the original article on the Women Who Live on Rocks site here, and then let me know what you think!

Is island life good for directionally-challenged people?

Or am I just too optimistic for those who still hold their hands out in an L-shape to determine right versus left? (You guys are wonderful, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!)

Be sure to check out more on Women Who Live on Rocks, especially if you’re considering moving to an island. Island life is spectacularly incredible, but are you aware of all the little eccentricities of island living? Tropical critters, comical sightings, and lots more quirks await you!

I’ll bet some of those posts will surprise you. At the very least, they’ll make you laugh. There are some very talented and hilarious ladies hanging out at WWLOR, so go take a look.

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